こんにちは! 何かお困りのことはありませんか?


First, try these basic troubleshooting steps:
  1. Check Miro Status Page to see if there are any current performance issues
  2. Try the browser's Incognito mode (to exclude the possibility of browser extensions interfering) or a different browser.
  3. Clear your browser's cache & cookies and restart your browser
  4. Ensure your browser is updated to the latest version and there are no issues with your network connection or bandwidth. Try different VPNs if necessary.
  5. If you use the Desktop/Mobile/Tablet app, try to re-install it and test Miro using a web-version
  6. A board can also load slower when there are a growing number of users and during intensive activity. Users with older and less powerful devices may also experience slower loading times. Read our tips to improve board performance during collaborative sessions.
  7. When a board becomes too heavy with content, it can also impact performance. Read our tips to improve performance on large boards.
SSO(Single Sign On:シングルサインオン)のログインで問題が発生した場合、表示されるエラーメッセージに応じて、いくつかの解決策があります。SSO ログインエラーのシナリオをご覧ください。



For Business and Enterprise Plans, go to the Company settings > Active users > Click the three dots next to a member > choose Change to guest.

For Starter and Education plans: Go to Team settings > Users > Delete from team. Now you can invite the user to specific boards over email and give them access to view or comment. They’ll now appear as a guest on your team user list.

For more details, visit our guide on changing members to guests.

To see your invoices, go to your Team Settings > Billing > Invoices > and click Download next to the billing period you’re looking for.

Any Admin (Team admin on the Team Plan or Company Admin on Business Plan) can add or change company details in the corresponding fields in the Team settings → Billing → Billing information.

When you update the company details in the Billing information tab, all the new details will be automatically reflected on the future invoices, and receipts.

If you are on the invoice payment method, you're a Team or Billing Admin of the subscription, and you need the company details to be shown on the open invoice, contact Miro Support.

Miro のボードには、文書、スプレッドシート、画像、プレゼンテーション、プレビュー画像付きリンク、アイコン、埋め込み動画やその他のメディアファイルなど、数種類のコンテンツを追加することができます。

最も素早くコンテンツを追加する方法は、ボードに直接アイテムをドラッグ & ドロップすることです。クリップボードからテキストや画像を追加する(Windows の場合 Ctrl + CCtrl + V、Mac の場合 Cmd + CCmd + V を使用)ことや、コンピューターまたはクラウドストレージから直接さまざまなファイルタイプをアップロードすることもできます。

Miro のボードにコンテンツを追加するさまざまな方法についての詳細をご覧ください。
Contact your IT Department and ask them to grant you access to the email address of the previous Miro Admin. Once you gain access to Miro Admin's email address, change the password in their Miro profile, sign in to Miro with Admin's credentials, and grant Admin rights to yourself in the Settings → Active users.

If that does not help, our Support team will be glad to provide you with further possible assistance.

If the account is on one of our paid plans, you can send a paper with the signature of the officer of your company confirming the transfer of admin’s rights for the account in question to the needed person in the ticket thread.

Please note that an upgrade applies not to your profile but to a specific team. So, if you are a member of several teams in Miro (some of which are on Free Plan and some are on a paid/Education Plan), you have different licenses in those teams and, therefore, features available.

In this case, you can switch to the upgraded team by clicking the square icons on the left-side panel of your dashboard.

To move boards between teams, check the steps in our How to move a board guide.

On the other hand, if you wish to transfer a board between profiles, visit this article.

You can restore deleted boards by opening the board link in your browser or from the Trash bin. Board links can be found in your browser history (you can just start typing the board name in your browser address bar) and in email notifications.

⚠️ Please note that only board owners can restore their boards

As for restoring content, check the Activity list on the board and see if you can find a deletion event. The Content Recovery feature is available for users on all plans, with the help of which you can easily restore deleted elements.

Check the Restoring board content guide for more information.

メールは届くのに最大で 30 分ほどかかる場合があります。ご注意ください。


  • 迷惑メール
  • スパム
  • ソーシャル
  • アップデート
  • プロモーション

これらのフォルダーにメールが届いていない場合、ファイアウォールがメールの受信を妨げている可能性があります。システム管理者に連絡して、Miro のドメインとサブドメイン(miro.com*、*.miro.com、mirostatic.com*、*.mirostatic.com、realtimeboard.com*、*.realtimeboard.com)を許可リストに登録するよう依頼してください。この設定は、今後 Miro が配信するメールをすべて受信するために必要です。

Enterprise プランをご利用の管理者の皆様へ