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Frequently asked questions

If your board won’t load in your browser, clear your browser cache and cookies or open the board link in an incognito window. Ensure your browser is updated to the latest version, and there are no issues with your network connection or bandwidth. Read our troubleshooting guide for more details on board loading issues.

A board can also load slower when there are a growing number of users, and during intensive activity. Users with older and less powerful devices may also experience slower loading times. Read our tips to improve board performance during collaborative sessions.

When a board becomes too heavy with content, it can also impact performance. Read our tips to improve performance on large boards.
If you’re having issues with Single Sign On (SSO) login, there are a number of solutions based on the error message you receive. Review our SSO login error scenarios.

If you’re having trouble logging in with your password or email or you’re not receiving email and password reset notifications, review our email or password issues guide.
When users see unexpected charges on their bill, they may have accidentally added seats (licenses) to their account.

When you set your team size, you decide how many seats (licenses) are available in your plan. If you’ve already used all your seats, any additional members you invite to your team are automatically added to your team as a member, and you're charged for the extra seat. Learn more about how seats (licenses) can affect your billing.

Charges for extra seats are prorated, and you’re only charged for the time you used the extra seat. Here’s what to do if you’ve accidentally added seats.
For Consultant, Business and Enterprise plans: Go to Team settings (if you're on Business plan) or Company settings (if you're on Consultant or Enterprise plans) > Active users > Click the three dots next to a member > choose Change to guest

For Starter and Education plans: Go to Team settings > Users > Delete from team. Then you can invite the user to view or comment on a board.

For more details, visit our guide on changing members to guests.
To find an invoice, go to your Account Settings > Billing > Invoices > and click View next to the billing period you’re looking for.

You can also download your invoices.
You can add several different types of content to your Miro board, including documents, spreadsheets, images, presentations, links with preview images, icons, and embedded videos and other media files.

The fastest way to add content is to drag and drop items directly onto your board. You can also add text and images from your clipboard (use Ctrl + C and Ctrl + V for Windows, Cmd + C and Cmd + V for Mac), or upload various file types directly from your computer or your cloud storage.

Learn more about all the different ways you can add content to your Miro board.
You can change the user access rights for your plan in My Miro admin left the company.

Enterprise Plan Administration